Software to track your family’s medical conditions and expenses.

Get organized.

For your whole family

Organize information for the whole family. Enter medical conditions and history in detail. Track bills, insurance payments, write-offs and your own payments.

Details you need

Easily track EOBs, insurance claims, and FSA/HSA payments and balances. Know when you hit your deductible and out of pocket limits.

Keep your data private

Track all the data you need – and no more. Your data remains safe on your own system – it is never transmitted to the cloud or accessed by a web app.
Take care of your family. Family Health Care Manager tracks medical history and expenses.

What our customers say

I really, really appreciate this software to help me keep track of the bills!! Anything else just gets really clumsy!!! So, thank you for a wonderful product!!
Linda H.

I absolutely love your software.  I’ve tried and given up on a few other programs and I wish I had found you sooner! Thanks for a great product.
Phil M.

I love your program. Only sane way to keep track of complex, multiple bills. Love way main page shows what is due. I have added many notes in the tabs to keep track of what was done & what their plan was. Have used it to follow-up, dispute, double check what was due. I had over 150 entries in one year so it was very hard to keep track on paper. Your program simplified my life.
Carmen P.

I am already a huge fan of the product too so you’ve got great service and a great product. It doesn’t get much better than that. Seriously, I thought I’d have to wait until at least Monday to get any help and now I’ll be able to get all these bills organized and entered by the end of the weekend. It’ll be a huge weight off my shoulders. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Siobhan B.

Our innovative dashboard view tells you at a glance the status of all your medical finances and benefits

Family Health Care Manager lets you see exactly which visits you need to submit and which you’re waiting for your insurer to process. Track your deductibles and see if you’ve reached your out of pocket maximum.  Know at a glance how many physical therapy visits you have left. You’ll save money by tracking medical bills, reimbursements, payments, and tax deductions.

Wondering about getting all your medical billing and insurance information into FHCM?

Complete List of Features

✔ Easy entry of healthcare provider visits – as much or as little detail as you like

✔ Keep your data private! No web entry – it’s all on your computer.

✔ Track bills, insurance payments, write-offs, and your own payments

✔ Multiple “installment” payments per visit

✔ Instantly see balances with all your providers

✔ Enter “statement” payments toward provider balance and optionally assign them to unpaid visits

✔ Quickly find expenses that need to be submitted for reimbursement

✔ Identify claims that haven’t been processed

✔ Flag claims that were denied or in dispute so you can come back to them

✔ Intelligent calculation of expense eligibility for FSA reimbursement

✔ Designate providers as in or out of network, allowing intelligent calculation of deductibles and OOP expenses.

✔ Automatically track services that your insurance company limits and get a warning when you are running out of your allowance for that service!

✔ Track non-provider expenses such as fitness benefits or durable medical equipment

✔ Easily track EOBs, Insurance Claims, and Flexible Spending Account Claims and Balances

✔ Track remaining balance on FSAs.  FHCM warns you if you haven’t used up your contribution as year-end approaches or if you still you have visits to submit as the deadline for submission of claims is approaching!

✔ Innovative dashboard view quickly shows you the status of deductibles and OOP expenses, claims requiring your attention, provider balances, and FSA status. FHCM  shows you what needs your attention most!


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Focus more on your family and less on your paperwork

Medical information can be complicated.  Keeping track of everything doesn’t have to be.  Keep yourself organized with Family Healthcare Manager.

By entering everything as you get it, you stay in control. Entry of healthcare provider visits and insurance claims is flexible; you enter only as much data as is helpful to you. You’ll save money by tracking medical bills, reimbursements, payments, tax deductions and catching errors. Best of all, the information is all kept on your computer.

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