FHCM Features

FHCM Features
Last UpdatedFebruary 2017No longer supported
OS SupportWin 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10No longer supported
Previous version Win XP, Win 7?
Interface and Documentation
Flexible, intuitive, hyperlinked interface – navigate by buttons, hyperlinks, or menus
Smart links to related data
Dashboard View shows the status of your claims, accounts, deductibles, and benefits at a glance
The author actually uses the program himself and is invested in making it the best medical management program available
Maintain reusable lists of providers, symptoms, conditions, medications, and services
Pop up help tips throughout the program
Comprehensive User Manual
Medical Expenses
Enter financial data about billing, payments, and insurance reimbursements for doctor’s visits
Filter visit lists by provider, service, patient, dates, and claim status
Track status of insurance claims, FSA claims, and tax status independently. Identify claim disputes
Rapidly change the claim status on visits in a list using keyboard shortcuts
Quickly duplicate visits and easily modify copies in a list
Calculation of Out of Pocket expenses can be configured according to your insurance company’s process
OOP calculations adjusted for benefits with limited visits or expense
Enter payments by visit or directly to provider balances – 3 different ways to enter payments
Track running balances with providers
Enter multiple installment payments per visit
Automatically enter standard copay for in-network providers
Automatically calculate provider writeoff
Insurance Claims
Create insurance claims; automatically find eligible visits and assign by point and click
Intelligently track and update status of visits assigned to claims, as a group
Track EOBs; automatically find visits waiting for EOB and intelligently update status
Track diagnosis codes and procedure codes; optionally associate procedure codes with services
Print helpful claim summary forms including key information organized to help you fill out your forms and formatted to be attached.
Flexible Spending Account Claims
Create flexible spending account claims; automatically find eligible visits and assign by point and click
Intelligent calculation of expense eligibility for FSA reimbursement, adjusted based on previous insurance reimbursement
Print claim summary forms to attach to your FSA claims
Dashboard warning lets you know if you are in danger of not using up your yearly FSA contribution in time
Medical History
Track complete medical history for doctor’s visits, including diagnosis, symptoms, lab results, physical exam, treatment, medical instructions, and resolution
Create medical observations for your family members to help you track progress of their conditions and treatments
Filter medical history by key clinical characteristics (symptoms, treatment, medical condition, date of onset)
Track date of onset for recurrent conditions
Tie visits and observations together with a common medical condition, enabling you to quickly find every entry related to that condition
Create financial reports
Create medical history reports
Create Tax Reports